From Claudia -

High Praise for Dr. Butchko
I am so grateful to have found Dr. Butchko.  She is a talented, gentle and compassionate veterinarian who treats my dogs (and me) with the understanding that they are my “children” and I am their “mommy”.   Her knowledge and skill in the area of acupuncture and related treatment is unsurpassed.  I have had years of experience with many veterinarians in Charlotte and can state wholeheartedly that none of them come close to her level of skill and heart. Her home visits feel like a warm hug because I know that when she walks into the house, help has arrived! Dr. Butchko is always quick to respond to an emergency phone call or text, which speaks volumes as to her level of care and accessibility. I only wish my own personal doctors were as good as her.  Choosing Dr. Butchko to care for your pet, in my opinion, is the only choice.

From Laurie -

I can’t say enough to adequately convey my respect for Dr. Butchko, and I am confident my dogs feel the same way.  Dr. Butchko exudes warmth, compassion, and unwavering professionalism.  I feel just as comfortable watching her carefully place acupuncture needles in my aging dog as I do asking her for personal advice about end-of-life decisions that will inevitably need to be made.  This journey of loving pets is a joyful one, and it also has the potential to be very scary and isolating.   Since the day Dr. Butchko became Ellie’s veterinarian, I have never once felt isolated about Ellie’s caregiving.  She responds to every question quickly, and her answers make it evident she is thinking not only as a veterinarian but also as a fellow animal lover.

My nearly fifteen year-old female black lab loves her and trusts her.  To me, this matters immensely.  When Ellie wags her tail as she realizes Dr. Butchko is at our door, I have no doubt we are in good hands.

One day, Ellie will wag her tail as we make decisions to let her go.  As hard as that day will be--I know we won’t be alone.

From Linda -

In September 2013 my sweet Bichon, Louie, was diagnosed with End Stage Hepatic Liver Disease. He was given 6 months to 2 years to live. With the outstanding care and support of Dr. Butchko, Louie beat those odds by 4 months. She monitored his care and mine, via visits, emails and phone calls. I truly don’t know how I would have gotten through it without her.

Beyond being an outstanding veterinarian, it’s Dr. Butchko’s compassion for both our precious babies and for us, that makes her stand apart from others. In January 2016, it was time to say goodbye to Louie. As difficult a decision as that was to make, Dr. Butchko was there for me every step of the way. At the end, she came to my home and provided the most peaceful and loving goodbye I could ever have hoped for. I will be forever grateful.