We believe in a holistic approach to veterinary medicine. As science progresses, clinics are able to offer more and more diagnostic and treatment options for pets. Sometimes, however, we can do more to improve our animal companions’ overall comfort and well being. This is particularly apparent when a pet is living with chronic illness or injury. We combine alternative therapies such as acupuncture, laser treatments, Chinese herbs, and customized diets to support our patients and greatly enhance the efficacy of more conventional therapies.

We also believe that, when we have reached the limit of what veterinary medicine can do to sustain a pet’s quality of life, it is important to honor that time and to support our patients and their families through the transition. We do this by providing hospice care and peaceful euthanasia in the comfort of our patients’ homes. 

"I started Meridian Mobile Veterinary Care because I believe that acupuncture, hospice, and peaceful euthanasia are best done where pets feel the most safe and relaxed - in their homes. I am committed to providing individualized and compassionate care for my patients and their families."

- Dr. Barbara L. Butchko DVM, CVA, CTPEP, CVFT