Taking care of an aging or ill pet is difficult. It can be emotionally and physically challenging, and it can make you, as the caregiver, feel alone. You are not alone. At Meridian Mobile Veterinary Care, our goals are to help you keep your pet comfortable at home and to empower you to make the care and end-of-life decisions that are best for your situation. This involves offering compassionate, personalized, holistic care options and bringing together a group of care-givers to support you as you care for your unique pet.

Our Core Values

We believe in caring for pets while supporting their families.

We believe that providing the best medical care throughout the life of a pet requires a team. This team may include the pet’s owner, the primary care veterinarian, the hospice care veterinarian, and supportive care providers. Open communication is essential to maintaining this team.

We believe that the best medicine integrates conventional western diagnostics and treatments with alternative therapies that support the individual patient more holistically.

We believe that helping pets transition peacefully between life and death while respecting the beliefs and wishes of their owners is both a responsibility and an honor. It is the most important thing that we can do.