Why Choose In-Home Euthanasia Over Going to My Regular Veterinary Clinic?

Making the decision to euthanize your pet is never easy. In fact, many people say that it is the hardest thing they have ever had to do. Once that decision has been made, the next choice is whether to have the euthanasia done in a veterinary clinic or at home.

Having the euthanasia performed at home allows the pet to stay in the security and comfort of home. The euthanasia can be done wherever the pet feels most relaxed - on a beloved bed, in front of a favorite window, or outside under a tree. In-home euthanasia allows the owner time and privacy to say good bye in a way that is not possible in a veterinary clinic.  

What is Involved in the Euthanasia Procedure?

The euthanasia procedure is safe and humane. It involves a series of two injections. The first injection, which goes either under the skin or into a vein, is a sedative designed to induce a light plane of anesthesia. This sedative injection typically takes effect in 5-10 minutes. Most animals simply fall asleep, but some will experience a brief period of excitement as the drugs are being absorbed. After the sedative takes effect, a second injection is given into a vein. This is the euthanasia agent. It works within several seconds to a minute to stop the heart and respiration. The veterinarian then checks the heart and pronounces when the pet has passed away.

Who Will Come to My House for the Euthanasia?

Our veterinarian, Dr. Barbara Butchko, is usually able to perform the euthanasia procedure by herself. In some cases, she will bring an assistant. It is helpful for us to know if a pet is aggressive or particularly active despite being ill; this allows us to plan accordingly.

What Will Happen After the Euthanasia?

After the euthanasia, you can elect to make arrangements yourself or Meridian Mobile Veterinary Care can organize arrangements through one of our crematory partners.

If you choose to bury your pet, you must follow all state and local regulations (these vary by county). These regulations are in place to protect water sources and wildlife. You can also elect to have your pet buried in a local pet cemetery.

If you choose to have your pet cremated, you will have the option of a private or communal cremation. If you select private cremation, your pet’s ashes will be returned to you. If you select communal cremation, your pet's ashes will not be returned.

Please click on the aftercare link under the resources tab for more information.

What if I Schedule an In-Home Euthanasia but then Change My Mind?

We understand that making the decision to euthanize your pet is difficult and emotional. We recommend taking time prior to scheduling a euthanasia appointment to consult your veterinarian about alternative options and to make sure that everybody in your family is as comfortable as they can possibly be with the decision. Even with all of that preparation, however, we respect that you could still change your mind. You can change your mind until the first injection (the sedative) is given.

If you do change your mind, our veterinarian will discuss hospice care to help you keep your pet comfortable until you are truly ready. A hospice consultation fee will be charged.